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MEDICA 2017 and the world in the face of terrorism

Increasing danger of terrorism and the tense political situation in many parts of the world cause that private doctors, military forces and governmental agencies are increasingly interested in the medical devices that are portable and reliable even in the extremely unfavorable conditions.

The desirable features of modern medical equipment:

  • compact size,
  • extraordinary durability,
  • long battery work,
  • precise imaging.


DRAMINSKI company offers just such an equipment!

Ultrasound scanners designed for point of care situations: bedside patients, pre-hospital care or field medicine. Ultrasonographs by DRAMINSKI for many years help physicians in making good therapeutic decisions.
Germany, Dusseldorf 13-16.11.2017. Hall 10, Stand 10A/37. 

Let us meet at Medica, check our devices out and become our DISTRIBUTOR!



Global Medical Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: +48 693 393 193
E-mail: nm@draminski.com

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